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Webinar Recording: Future-Proof Your Automation Solutions with Standards-Based Design

The post Webinar Recording: Future-Proof Your Automation Solutions with Standards-Based Design first appeared on the ISA Interchange blog site.

This ISA webinar on industrial calibration was presented by Rick Slaugenhaupt, a consultant for MAVERICK Technologies, and Nicholas P. Sands, P.E., CAP, ISA leader, author and educator who serves as senior manufacturing technology fellow at DuPont

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Capital improvement opportunities for automation are infrequent at best, so we need to squeeze every bit of possible value from these efforts when we get the chance. Solving long-standing problems while adding new enabling features and technologies will most certainly be high on the list of expectations, but what about agility and longevity? Just like the shiny new car that seems dull, outdated, and under-powered in a few short years, automation systems that aren’t easily updated will inevitably frustrate users looking for the features and performance needed to stay competitive in a world market. We discuss a practical way to achieve sustainable benefits with the proper application of ISA standards during the design phase.

Topics included in this webinar:

  • Common obstacles to modernizing of operations
  • Methods for achieving capable, agile and sustainable solutions
  • Several common ISA standards and their uses

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About the Presenter
Rick Slaugenhaupt is a consultant for MAVERICK Technologies with more than 30 years of industrial controls experience. Prior to joining MAVERICK, he served as a plant engineer, software designer and independent consultant for small and large companies alike. His work has involved all aspects of engineering design & construction of production equipment, processes and systems  for continuous and discrete manufacturing, metals, powders, chemicals, water treatment, facilities management and security.

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About the Presenter
Nicholas P. Sands, P.E., CAP, serves as senior manufacturing technology fellow at DuPont, where he applies his expertise in automation and process control for the DuPont Safety and Construction business (Kevlar, Nomex, and Tyvek). During his career at DuPont, Sands has worked on or led the development of several corporate standards and best practices in the areas of automation competency, safety instrumented systems, alarm management, and process safety. Nick is: an ISA Fellow; co-ch Cancel air of the ISA18 committee on alarm management; a director of the ISA101 committee on human machine interface; a director of the ISA84 committee on safety instrumented systems; and secretary of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) committee that published the alarm management standard IEC62682. He is a former ISA Vice President of Standards and Practices and former ISA Vice President of Professional Development, and was a significant contributor to the development of ISA’s Certified Automation Professional program. He has written more than 40 articles and papers on alarm management, safety instrumented systems, and professional development. Nick is a licensed engineer in the state of Delaware. He earned a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering at Virginia Tech.

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