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Load Speed Regulation in Mechanical Transmission Systems Using Feedback and Feedforward Control

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Abstract: The problem of controlling the load speed of a mechanical transmission system consisting of a belt-pulley and gear-pair is considered. The system is modeled as two inertia (motor and load) connected by a compliant transmission. If the transmission is assumed to be rigid, then using either the motor or load speed feedback provides the same result. However, with transmission compliance, due to belts or long shafts, the stability characteristics and performance of the closed-loop system are quite different when either motor or load speed feedback is employed. We  investigate motor and load speed  feedback schemes by utilizing the singular perturbation method. We propose and discuss a control scheme that utilizes both motor and load speed feedback, and design an adaptive feedforward action to reject load torque disturbances. The control  algorithms are implemented on an experimental platform that is typically used in roll-to-roll manufacturing and results are shown and discussed.

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