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Engage in Important ISA Activities, Events and Opportunities During the Summer

The post Engage in Important ISA Activities, Events and Opportunities During the Summer first appeared on the ISA Interchange blog site.

This post is authored by Brian Curtis, president of ISA 2018.


In my post for this month, I want to draw attention to some important governance activities as well as highlight some upcoming section and division events and training opportunities.

First of all, voting for Society leaders begins 15 June 2018. An experienced and qualified slate of candidates is vying for ISA leadership roles. It’s essential that all eligible members exercise their right and privilege to determine ISA’s leader profile and composition for 2019, and help shape the future direction of the association. The voting period ends 20 July so vote early.



In addition, many ISA’s District Council Meetings are taking place over the summer and fall. These meetings help districts map out their section priorities and activities for the next 12 months and also serve as vital starting points for developing potential ISA leaders.

Below is a schedule of upcoming District Council Meetings.

  • District 4 DLC: 16 – 17 June (Brazil)
  • District 5: 16 June (US)
  • District 9 DLC: 7 – 8 July (El Salvador)
  • District 14 DLC: 30 August (India)
  • District 11 DLC: 15 – 16 September (US)
  • District 1 & 2: 12 October (Canada)

Also, please put ISA’s Annual Leadership Conference—to take place 15-19 October in Montreal—on your schedule. It is important that every section nominate a delegate to represent it at the Council of Society Delegates meeting, which also will convene at this time. Attendees will vote on any proposed changes to ISA bylaws.

ISA’s season of technical symposia is in full swing. Don’t let these outstanding learning, training, professional development and networking opportunities pass you by. You’ll meet face to face with renowned experts and presenters, hear first-hand about the latest technologies and trends, and gain the high-value, peer-reviewed technical content that will keep you and your skills on the cutting edge. Register today to attend one or more of these value-packed events, listed below.

Power Industry Division (POWID) Symposium
Training: 25 June 2018
Conference: 26-28 June 2018
Knoxville, Tennessee

Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls (WWAC) Symposium
Training: 6-7 August 2018
Conference: 8-9 August 2018
Bethesda, Maryland

ISA@Montreal 2018
Automation, Instrumentation & Control
Sponsored jointly by the ISA Food and Pharmaceuticals, Automation Controls and Robotics, Construction and Design, and Process Measurement and Control divisions
Training: 15 October 2018
Conference: 16-17 October 2018
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Process Control and Safety (PCS) Symposium and Exhibition
Conference: 30 October 2018 -1 November 2018
Houston, Texas

I also want to highlight ISA’s advances in the area of industrial cybersecurity.

For the third year in a row, ISA provided advanced industrial cybersecurity training and on-site technical assistance in support of the US National Guard’s national cyber-operations exercise, Cyber Shield. More than 800 soldiers, airmen and civilians from across 40 US states and territories participated in the event, which was held 6-18 May at Camp Atterbury in Indiana.

ISA was selected as a Mission Partner of the National Guard due to its leadership and experience in developing the world’s only consensus-based series of industrial cybersecurity standards, ISA/IEC 62443. These standards, which serve as the basis for ISA cybersecurity training, protect the industrial automation and control systems (IACS) and networks that operate OT machinery and associated devices within critical infrastructure.

We’re also noticing growing demand for ISA’s advanced cybersecurity courses throughout the globe, particularly in Europe. We met our cybersecurity training goals during the second quarter of the year and expect the positive sales trends to continue throughout the year.

As you likely know, ISA offers the most comprehensive set of industrial cybersecurity certificate programming and aligned training courses available—covering the complete lifecycle of IACS assessment, design, implementation, operations, and maintenance.

As a reminder, all ISA sections that sponsor an ISA cybersecurity course (or any other type of ISA training) in their area receive a portion of the training revenue. This is a great opportunity for sections to gain visibility, attract potential new members, and accrue funding for section activities and programs.

In closing, for those that are soon to depart for vacation—what we refer to as “holiday” in Europe—I hope you will have a restful and enjoyable break. For those who will be taking a break later in the year, remind yourselves that each day brings you closer to some well-deserved leisure time.

Best wishes to all for a great and rewarding summer. 


About the Author
Brian Curtis, I. Eng., LCGI, is the Operations Manager for Veolia Energy Ireland, providing services to Novartis Ringaskiddy Ltd. in Cork, Ireland. He has more than 35 years of experience in petrochemical, biotech, and bulk pharmaceutical industries, specializing in design, construction management, and commissioning of electrical, instrumentation, and automation control systems. He has managed complex engineering projects in Ireland, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany. A long-time ISA member, Curtis has served on the ISA Executive Board since 2013, the Geographic Assembly Board (2012 – 2015), and the Finance Committee (2013 – 2017.) He was Ireland Section President and Vice President of District 12, which includes Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Curtis has also been active on several Society task forces, including Cybersecurity, Governance, and Globalization-related committees. He received the ISA Distinguished Society Service Award in 2010. He is the Former President of Cobh & Harbor Chamber of Commerce (2013-2015) and Former Chairman of the Ireland Southern Region Chambers (2015-2016) and is an active member of the Ireland National Standards Body, ETCI.

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