ISA Sarnia Section – President’s Message

Hi everyone;

Mike Murray

-Mike Murray

Back from the Presidents Fall Leader Meeting in Tampa Bay Florida and as usual a lot of meetings and discussions. We continue to chase the membership as a hot topic. As I relayed at our September dinner meeting about the two items on the agenda of the CSD; they were passed unanimously. The two year credit to recognize associate degrees or two-year programs plus years of work as eligibility for Senior member grade and the Automation Community Member name change to Automation Community Subscriber. I guess the member component was causing some commotion. Also with that will be a change to our section roster lists to move the Automation Community Subscriber to another page.


Also from the Fall Leaders Meeting it was disclosed that the 2018 Fall leaders meeting will be in Montreal, Canada in October.

As we continue to go forward we are looking into a training course that will fit the bill for most of our members and nonmembers in the area. Like we have indicated we are always open to suggestions.

Our Reference Guide committee is well under way assembling the vendor information and data required for this upcoming year. Twenty years, my time has flown.

Our goals and our plans remain as a guide for us doing our business and with our vendor base fluctuating as it does we just have to adjust accordingly.

Our key to our ISA success still as always is you our Section members. All with dedication, common interests and belief in our field of expertise are what it takes. Instrumentation is still what it is all about even though the word is in the background not the forefront as Automation has taken that position.

As I have said it is my pleasure to be your President. I am hoping to continue to search out ways to keep your interest and participation. We will re-establish and review our business side of the section so that we may maintain our future. We have a dedicated Executive as you know and we are always looking for assistance. If you have spare time and a keen interest in your Instrumentation field you should be part of us.

If you have any topic ideas for speakers please forward to our program chair. He can use any assistance in providing an interesting, current and enjoyable speaker to fill the dinner meetings, step up and let us know.

We all look forward to our continued networking abilities and comradery. See you at the member dinner meeting. We have an excellent speaker and also our District Vice President Ryan Kershaw will be in attendance. Introduce yourself and say hi.

As always any comments or concerns please let your Executive know. Remember any unspoken ideas or concerns are wasted thoughts unless we inform and act on them.

Thank you.

Mike Murray
 President – ISA Sarnia Section
 Phone:  519 336 1495